Item #: CJG60
BOOMCO™ Spinsanity 3X™ Blaster
MSRP: $34.99
Appropriate for: 6+
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BOOMCO™ Spinsanity 3X™ Blaster

Features three, 10 dart chambers for 30 darts total and is motorized for rapid fire blasting action! Once you've blasted through one chamber, use the pump-action mechanism to move to the next chamber and keep the action going without having to reload – blast, pump, repeat! Spinsanity 3X™ has a 30-dart capacity and fires up to an epic 70 feet. It comes with three different dart colors – 10 of each – for awesome variety. And Spinsanity 3X™ features a blaster rail to attach other BOOMco.™ accessories for even more firepower! Also includes 1 Smart Stick™ target.

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