Item #: CJF19
BOOMco.™ Railstinger™ Blaster
MSRP: $7.99
Appropriate for: 6+
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BOOMco.™ Railstinger™ Blaster

Double your blasting action with the Railstinger™ Blaster, with two awesome ways to play: single-fire shooting for long-range accuracy, or attached to another BOOMco.™ blaster with a rail to double the firepower! The Railstinger™ blaster fires a single Smart Stick™ dart up to 50 thrilling feet! Just pull back the spring on top to load, then release to fire! Or, fold up the collapsible handle, attach it to another BOOMco.™ blaster with a rail and expand your blasting action! The Railstinger™ Blaster comes with 3 Smart Stick™ darts and a Smart Stick™ sticky backed target. May damage surfaces on walls or furniture.

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