Item #: CFM91
BOOMCO™ Colossal Blitz™ Blaster
MSRP: $79.99
Appropriate for: 6+
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BOOMCO™ Colossal Blitz™ Blaster

Its two massive, rotating dart drums make the Colossal Blitz™ blaster our first rapid-fire blaster with an epic 72-dart capacity for amazing firepower! Battery power amps the action, just hold the trigger down and watch a barrage of 72 darts fly from your Colossal Blitz™ blaster within seconds. Or, change modes with the flip of a switch to single-fire blasting when you only need one shot to nail it! Be the envy of all your blaster friends with unstoppable rapid-fire action, and take your battle play to the next level!

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